Sustainable Cities and Green Roofs Print
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Thursday, 24 May 2012 07:55
Posting this link to an article by Tina Rosenberg on Green Roofs in NYC. This ties into the idea of sustainable cities using urban agriculture, clean energy, etc. Green roofs help reduce energy use by cooling in the hot weather and retaining heat in the cold weather. They also help control storm water runoff. Large amounts of rain can strain water systems in cities. Here is the link: Green Roofs In Big Cities Can Bring Relief From Above

Here's another great article. It's really great how people are finding creative ways to add plants to their homes. This farm in Queens is a jewel. Here is the link:

Historic New York City Farm Is Link to Modern Urban Agriculture.

Check out the rest of this site. There are some really interesting ways to have plants in your home shown.

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