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Happy 2022! My City Garden was founded in 2008 with the belief that even in a small apartment or city yard or balcony it is possible to produce some food and bring color and beauty to your home with plants and flowers. This site is for anyone interested in plants, urban gardens, container gardens, orchids, tub gardens and a green frame of mind. Use the search link to find articles on raised bed gardening, companion planting, etc. Urban gardening and were covered in the September 2008 issue of WIRED magazine article entitled, "Why Urban Farming isn't just for Foodies".

My City Garden was profiled Summer of 2016 on Mashable as one of 6 Urban Gardens That Impact the Community.

More ways to extend your growing fun. Live in an apartment with no yard or balcony? Growing inside can be fun and rewarding. You can either buy a commercial unit like the Aerogarden or use soil containers with growlights. You can use a windowsill or windowboxes if there is sufficient sunlight Our salad greens and herbs planting in the Aerogarden has been giving about 3 salads a week for 2 people. Choose cherry type tomatoes which will yield fruit more quickly than the larger types. Browse through the Gardening in the City Blog section for more on growing indoors

Investing in orchids pays dividends. The initial cost of about 20.00 (available at Home Depot, Lowes, etc) is well worth it. With proper care the blooms can last for 1-2 months and the plants can last for years. Be sure to use the right type of food for them (specifically for orchids like Schultz's or Peter's Specialties for Orchids ) and don't overwater them. Phalaenopsis like sphagnum moss and the dendrobiums seem to prefer the wood chips as potting material. Eastern/South Eastern light (morning) works well for them. Try this book GROWING ORCHIDS INDOORS to help get you started.

Check out the article in Gardening in the City Blog about building a wood raised bed box for your garden. The materials and prices are listed for NY/NJ area. Search for raised bed box to find the article.

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